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  • Trenabol 75 BRITISH DRAGON

Trenbolone is a very powerful Class I steroid meaning that it becomes effective by positively binding to the androgen receptor. Fina is actually a veterinarian steroid that become very successful in the bodybuilding community in the 1980’s in Europe and the US and was manufactured by a pharmaceutical company Hoechst and Roussel. The genetic make-up of Trenbolone makes it a derivative of Nandrolone with two additional carbon bonds at position c9 and c11. Trenbolone is also a very powerful androgenic steroid with no estrogenic properties which far surpasses that of Nandrolone, so you can see why this drug is so favoured amongst athletes.

Estrogenic activity does not occur with this drug in that it has a double carbon bond at position 9 and 10, making aromatization impossible at the A ring and a unique characteristic when compared to Nandrolone. Something else that is unique is that the androgenic ratio is a lot higher than compared to Nandrolone coming in with an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 500/500. Progesterone type side effects is a concern with this drug as both Nandrolone its derivatives possess progestin-type qualities; you might look at using something like Parlodel or Dostinex on your cycles. Also note while Prolactin rises, thyroid levels lower, so it is recommended if you going to be using this compound for a while add T3 to the stack. Please have your blood tests checked before you decide to use these prolactin lowering drugs as you might be adding an extra level of complexity to your cycles by doing so.

Trenbolone side effects include irritated skin at the injection site; hives, oily skin, swelling and itchiness, some users even experience a yellow tinge to their skin. You can also expect to experience increased hair growth, and your sleeping habits disturbed, where you can experience vivid/lucid dreams and night sweats. Some users experience the famous ‘tren cough’ this is actually due to the benzyl alcohol used and your body trying to get rid of it via the lungs which can become extremely dangerous. Increased levels of blood pressure can be expected and in rare cases cardiovascular disease might be a concern. Users also report the inability to do endurance exercises while on Trenbolone so this makes it highly unfavourable for many athletes.Trenbolone is very effective in both cutting and bulking cycles and just depends on which compound you stack with this powerful steroid. Trenbolone stacks very well with Testosterone and Anavar and/or Primobolan for that extremely hard and dry look. You can also stack Trenbolone with a Testosterone base and Equipoise to experience some nice quality mass gains. Or you if you are looking for explosive size and strength you can use Trenbolone with a Testosterone base and add Anadrol or Dianabol to the mix.Trenbolone acetate only has an active life in our bodies of around 3 days, but for stable hormone levels it is advised to pin this drug ED (Every day). The benefit of it being such a fast acting compound is that it gets to work quickly. 

Dosage on the acetate ester ranges from around 40mg every day or 80 every other day right up to 80mg every day or 160mg every other day, some users have reported dosages at 200mg ED and, while I think that is just crazy if you compare the anabolic/androgenic ratio to a powerful hormone such as testosterone you will see why. If you are using the Enanthate base you will be looking at around at around 2ml per week, which would be around 300mg of the drug. I would suggest starting off on the Ace version and seeing how your body responds to Tren

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