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  • Andropen 275 BRITISH DRAGON

What role does Testosterone play? Sperm production, increases libido (sex drive) in both men and women, development of the penis / testes, secondary male sexual characteristics such as facial and bodily hair and deepening of the voice, however, it is the most important role for bodybuilders is its muscle building attributes in which androgens promote protein synthesis. Low levels of testosterone can cause a number of nasty effects on our bodies, like heart disease, erectile dysfunction (ED), decreased energy levels, depression / anxiety, anemia, infertility, polyuria, dry skin, poor sleep, increased abdominal fat, high Cholesterol and gynecomastia to name a few. As you can see testosterone is a very powerful hormone that has many different attributes associated with it. Testosterone is produced in males and females; males have naturally about 10 times the amount of testosterone than females. If you suspect you suffer from low testosterone levels then it would be advised to seek medical assistance and possibly be on TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy).

There are a few things that affect our body's natural testosterone levels, such as aging, psychological changes. Foods such as meat, fats and supplements like zinc play and role in promoting testosterone. Sleep (REM) also plays a very effective role in the production of testosterone.Now let's talk about the anabolic steroid testosterone. Testosterone as I pointed out above is a natural occurring hormone in the body and all other anabolic steroids are synthetic versions of testosterone. So that you will see why it is important to have testosterone as your ground work for every steroid cycle or stack. Many people speculate that it might be better to put steroid novices on other milder and less androgenic compounds like Primobolan or Anavar. This is not a good idea as all anabolic / androgenic steroids affect our hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis (HPTA) and say that luteinizing hormone (LH) is the hormone that stimulates the test of interstitial cells to produce testosterone. And while on the steroid cycle, the effects on your HPTA axis as mentioned above will prevent your body from creating your own testosterone production until you finish your cycle and your androgen levels are low enough for an affective PCT to be carried out. So if you do not add testosterone as your basis for every cycle you will lower your natural supply of testosterone and you could start to develop the above mentioned side effects associated with low testosterone levels.

The anabolic steroid testosterone has an anabolic to endergonic ratio of 100/100. As you can see by this ratio it is a very powerful steroid in the production of muscle and strength. However, due to the high androgenic properties of testosterone, many unwanted side effects associated with steroids can be expected when using testosterone. Testosterone also acts as a very powerful anti-catabolic steroid in which you protect your catabolic hormone glucocorticoid and help sustain muscle mass by not shifting into a catabolic state. Average doses of testosterone range from around 500 (for beginners) right up to a few grams a week. Testosterone mix: Different testosterone esters are often blended into one injectable preparation while still requiring weekly or bi-weekly injections. It is often believed to be a superior form of testosterone, but in reality it is nothing more than just testosterone. One drawback of testosterone blends is that they incorporate esters with long carbon chains and those chains occupy allot of molecular weight, so the actual dose of hormone is less than one would obtain from shorter esters like propionate. Testosterone blends are most useful during bulking phases where frequent injections are not possible.

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