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Methyl tabs. Hubei

Methyl tabs. Hubei

Active Life: 6-8 hoursAnabolic/Androgenic Ratio (Range): 115-150/94-130Methyltestosterone is a 17 al..


Methyltestosterone Genesis

Methyltestosterone Genesis

Methyltestosterone is a 17 alpha alkylated oral steroid that is a form of testosterone. This was one..


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 CLASSIFICATION : Androgen, Anabolic steroid


By Mouth, Buccal, Sublingual



The steroid Methyltestosterone was first discovered in the year 1935 and the steroid was used for a medical purpose from the year 1936. It is recommended that Methyltestosterone is used as a stimulant before any competition. The steroid can help in quick and strong muscle-building outcomes but the abrupt increase in strength and weight is not permanent.

The normal dosage of Methyltestosterone is 25-50 my/day.

In males, the recommended dosage is 20-50 mg if you are looking to enhance your physical appearance.

In women, the steroid is not recommended but for breast cancer, the steroid is recommended by physicians

The advantages characteristics of the steroid which can help the athletic industry includes ;

     The steroid can help in enhancing the performance

     The steroid is a faster-acting drug and the actions are at a faster rate and it is noticeable

     Increasing aggressiveness and strength of an athlete

     With the usage of the steroid, an abrupt increase in muscle mass can be noticed

     The steroid can help in enhancing the cutting cycle performance but the steroid is not recommended for bulking cycle as the muscles gained is because of increased water retention and following increase in water weight 

     Since the steroid is having high bioavailability the drug remains in the body for a longer duration and helps in achieving increased strength and performance

     Methyltestosterone Stacking since the steroid is not that potent the steroid can be used in combination with other steroids and can help in improving the bulking cycle


Apart from the benefits in the Bodybuilding industry, the steroid has its benefits in the medical field ;

     The steroid can improve the testosterone levels

     It can help in treating breast cancer in women

     Low sexual desires in women

     Delayed puberty in boys


The side effects of Methyltestosterone includes;

  • Oily skin acne
  • Virilization
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Excessive growth of hair
  • Elongated clitoris
  • Water retention
  • Aromatization
  • Gynecomastia
  • Liver toxicity
  • Suppression of testosterone
  • Cardiovascular conditions


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